Life After Death

by If I Were You

Asystole 00:55
Sirens 03:44
This is my choice, its the only way. To finally be free from all this pain. But once I'm gone, will I just feel the same? Broken on the inside, am I worth nothing? (Chorus) Oh my god, what went wrong? How did I end up here? Flashing lights, losing sight Wake me up wake me up (Can I take this back? Have I gone too far? ) Flashing lights, losing sight Wake me up wake me Shattered glass and sirens My heart begins to race Voices saying "stay with me son" As everything starts to fade I never believed in faith Is it too late now? The light turns into shadows And the darkness drowns me out Something is wrong This is not what I thought it to be I still hear the car radio and the sound of my screams I say the worst is over, yet here I am Back on earth, alone with fear (Chorus) Stay awake, I'm becoming so cold There's no coming back from this Oh god I went too far Don't give up on me now Please, please, please forgive me Stay awake, I'm becoming so cold Oh god I went too far Don't give up on me now Stay awake, I'm becoming so cold Please, please, please forgive me
I'll wait for you I'll wait for you forever What can I say to ease the pain (to ease the pain) We both know I tried my fucking best But it was never enough If only you could hear me right now, you would know how sorry I am. I never meant for this Just know I'm here every single night Whispering to you (to you) Just out of sight Chorus: Don't let me go, just hold on to me keep me in your heart until we meet again ill wait for you (ill wait for you) Ill wait for you (forever) You stare at me, you look right through me (look right through me) sometimes it think it's so real Sometimes I swear it is I never meant for this just know that I'm here every single night whispering to you just out of sight as I look into your eyes I can still feel the warmth inside Although I am gone when Im here with you I never feel so alive My words call upon deaf ears, but still I scream to you (Chorus) The path I've chosen has no end I must accept the life I lead So dark and cold I have to find my way home A place forever in your heart
Decaying hands they reach for me They’re telling me, telling me that there's no choice at all The whispers sound so sweet How can I even resist? (Chorus) Falling into the dark I can feel them pulling me under A fire burning under my skin It's not suppose to the end this way The demons are nothing more than a fear inside Their grip tightens, I must open my eyes. Fuck! Oh god, just give me the strength because I can’t let them get the best of me now Is there nothing left for me to fear? I’m so tired of holding on (holding on) I’m going back and forth inside my mind Save me, save me (Chorus) Reach for me, don’t let me lose control Speak to me and let your voice lead me home
Eternity 03:44
Its not enough Its never enough I've become so numb all over I never thought it would be this tough I’m Just a ghost to you and nothing more When you close your eyes what do you see? A fading memory (Chorus) I want to feel I want to feel you close I want to feel Feel you close to me Sing to me one last time Dream of me Don't let the clock run out on us tonight (Chorus) Theres an emptiness inside of me Growing deeper with each step Forget my name Bury me never to return again Bury me for eternity (Chorus)
The Choice 03:53
When all is said and done will I be just another fucking mistake? Slowly fading away from everything Should I disappear or should I stay I can’t make this choice on my own Show me how to make it through (Chorus) I know I know I know That I need to find my way back to you Save me from myself I don’t even know who I am anymore Pain surrounds me Fear consumes me But I won’t keep dragging you down You deserve to feel whole Its something that I can never give to you (Chorus) I’m drifting away away away I’m lost in the noise (I’m lost in the) your touch your touch is just a memory
Dissolution 01:10
Silhouettes 04:40
I’m not coming back Remember when we used to talk all night? We lost track of time It always felt so right Oh how I dream of that again (Chorus) So when you start to feel alone Just close your eyes breathe slow I am never too far from you Keep me close to you I swear that you will get through I regret the times we used to fight All those times I thought that I was right Looking back I see the truth I’m so badly broken (so badly broken) Nothing can fix this mess that I left behind (Chorus) Say goodbye to the ones I love Say goodbye to the world I know Say goodbye to the ones I love Say goodbye Im not coming back


released December 16, 2016


all rights reserved



If I Were You Poughkeepsie, New York

If I Were You

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